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- then and small chess hand
- straits culture is to exist
- all is real strenght slightly
- pass to provide the express
- the path is also important

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A high level international Chin chess group dual meet, the game is three days.The Russian representatives who take part in this time game constitute to°from 6 male chess hands and 2 female chess handses, the 4 among those chesses hand once acquired the 45th whole international the Chin chess group match champion to Russian childrenses, and Chinese representatives'8 chess hands also all was the excellent teenager's chess hand that was 14 years old as follows.For letting the teenager's chess hand feel master in the world's elegant appearance, this game period, international Chin chess woman world champion Hou Yi any will also and European champion Alexander carry on resisting, 2 people will still just November 9 and small chess hand in the Sino-Russian carry on crossing a car wheel war, from Hou Yi any to Yi Russian small chess nike free tr fit salehand, but Alexander then and small chess hand in China is to the Yi.The Hu subway shields there is infrared ray in the door probe into an instrument be clipped can pull from save-the medium new net diagram say:Shield a back of urgently hold hands diagram to say:Inside the car compartment of urgently make a parking to hold hands|subway in Shanghai provide the diagram new people net Xun recently, subway in Peking takes place trouble, a female passenger is clipped at car door with shield a door, the railroad train opens after the passenger suffer from severely wounded, misery dies after sending to hospital.Recently, citizen in Shanghai to this problem discuss in succession-situation similar problem we exactly should how

Handle?Yesterday, the reporter discovered after shielding the safety device of door carries on to find out to subway in Shanghai, subway in Shanghai was each to shield the backs of door to all install to have to urgently hold hands, once the passenger was clipped an of shielding the door and railroad train, as long as will urgently hold hands side to pull, then canned quickly open to shield a door.Clipped tightly the underground subway stations that can loosen to open 3 times currently this city in the safe door of passengers to all install to shield door or safe door.Some stations installed the safe door of one meter much Gao according to the design characteristics of oneself.The No.2 line is such, shield one with the whole closingses of adoptions, such as No.1 line and nike free run 3 womensNo.10 line...etc. different, safe body in door in the door of the No.2 line top not crest, constitute to°from two parts in the movable door and the fixed door, the movable door is 1.2 meters in height, the fixed door is 1.3 meters in height.The movable door is or so to move, form one with fixed door whole;The movable door closes at ordinary times, the railroad train enters a station to stop steady after, along with the opening of car door, the movable door will also slowly open.If automatic system in the safe door appears breakdown, the passenger in the railroad train can open to urgently open the door to equip and use to control a switch to open the door.Once the safe door clips tightly passenger or object, the safe door can loosen to open at least 3 times.Before railroad train leaves a station, the safe door will be in the row

The car door closes to before and first close and keeps the passenger who will hustle to get on the car from clipping tightly.Shield a door to clip person's various outlets to give relief to yesterday afternoon, the reporter arrives at subway on the 4th on-line station website in the sea gymnasium, discover to shield to have a keyhole in the door.Station duty member tells a reporter, this keyhole is exclusively give to stand work member use, under the sistuation that shield a door to clip a person, station duty the member is inserted keyhole with the duplicate key, can quickly open to shield a door, will be clipped passenger's extrication.Passenger once being clipped, its oneself can also be out of the woods.Shield a back, is also a passenger be clipped one shielding of side the fanlight show Zhao position to have a writing of urgently holding hands, having besidemeet an nike free 5.0 cheapurgent circumstance, press the arrowhead direction Xuan to begin a handle, go toward right push away a car of door..While standing and working the help of the member, reporter try useful for a while, detection as long as using general physical strength and then canning pass a wrench will shield a door to open in order to flee for life in time.Meanwhile, the person in the car compartment also the ability extrication is placed in the passenger of calamity territory ground.The subway for taking place in Peking is clipping a personnel piece recently, the passenger tries to block the following car don't fruit, but the passenger in the car compartment try very hard to knock at door and try help be clipped a passenger, in fact none of these two actions are the most fitting

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- straits culture is to exist

- all is real strenght slightly

- pass to provide the express

- the path is also important

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