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- then and small chess hand
- straits culture is to exist
- all is real strenght slightly
- pass to provide the express
- the path is also important

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 then and small chess hand Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


A high level international Chin chess group dual meet, the game is three days.The Russian representatives who take part in this time game constitute to°from 6 male chess hands and 2 female chess handses, the 4 among those chesses hand once acquired the 45th whole international the Chin chess group match champion to Russian childrenses, and Chinese representatives'8 chess hands also all was the excellent teenager's chess hand that was 14 years old as follows.For letting the teenager's chess hand feel master in the world's elegant appearance, this game period, international Chin chess woman world champion Hou Yi any will also and European champion Alexander carry on resisting, 2 people will still just November 9 and small chess hand in the Sino-Russian carry on crossing a car wheel war, from Hou Yi any to Yi Russian small chess nike free tr fit salehand, but Alexander then and small chess hand in China is to the Yi.The Hu subway shields there is infrared ray in the door probe into an instrument be clipped can pull from save-the medium new net diagram say:Shield a back of urgently hold hands diagram to say:Inside the car compartment of urgently make a parking to hold hands|subway in Shanghai provide the diagram new people net Xun recently, subway in Peking takes place trouble, a female passenger is clipped at car door with shield a door, the railroad train opens after the passenger suffer from severely wounded, misery dies after sending to hospital.Recently, citizen in Shanghai to this problem discuss in succession-situation similar problem we exactly should how

Handle?Yesterday, the reporter discovered after shielding the safety device of door carries on to find out to subway in Shanghai, subway in Shanghai was each to shield the backs of door to all install to have to urgently hold hands, once the passenger was clipped an of shielding the door and railroad train, as long as will urgently hold hands side to pull, then canned quickly open to shield a door.Clipped tightly the underground subway stations that can loosen to open 3 times currently this city in the safe door of passengers to all install to shield door or safe door.Some stations installed the safe door of one meter much Gao according to the design characteristics of oneself.The No.2 line is such, shield one with the whole closingses of adoptions, such as No.1 line and nike free run 3 womensNo.10 line...etc. different, safe body in door in the door of the No.2 line top not crest, constitute to°from two parts in the movable door and the fixed door, the movable door is 1.2 meters in height, the fixed door is 1.3 meters in height.The movable door is or so to move, form one with fixed door whole;The movable door closes at ordinary times, the railroad train enters a station to stop steady after, along with the opening of car door, the movable door will also slowly open.If automatic system in the safe door appears breakdown, the passenger in the railroad train can open to urgently open the door to equip and use to control a switch to open the door.Once the safe door clips tightly passenger or object, the safe door can loosen to open at least 3 times.Before railroad train leaves a station, the safe door will be in the row

The car door closes to before and first close and keeps the passenger who will hustle to get on the car from clipping tightly.Shield a door to clip person's various outlets to give relief to yesterday afternoon, the reporter arrives at subway on the 4th on-line station website in the sea gymnasium, discover to shield to have a keyhole in the door.Station duty member tells a reporter, this keyhole is exclusively give to stand work member use, under the sistuation that shield a door to clip a person, station duty the member is inserted keyhole with the duplicate key, can quickly open to shield a door, will be clipped passenger's extrication.Passenger once being clipped, its oneself can also be out of the woods.Shield a back, is also a passenger be clipped one shielding of side the fanlight show Zhao position to have a writing of urgently holding hands, having besidemeet an nike free 5.0 cheapurgent circumstance, press the arrowhead direction Xuan to begin a handle, go toward right push away a car of door..While standing and working the help of the member, reporter try useful for a while, detection as long as using general physical strength and then canning pass a wrench will shield a door to open in order to flee for life in time.Meanwhile, the person in the car compartment also the ability extrication is placed in the passenger of calamity territory ground.The subway for taking place in Peking is clipping a personnel piece recently, the passenger tries to block the following car don't fruit, but the passenger in the car compartment try very hard to knock at door and try help be clipped a passenger, in fact none of these two actions are the most fitting

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 straits culture is to exist Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The private makes greatest efforts exaggerative cross-straits culturaldifference, and join the government to cure cultural angle to boycott cross-straits cultural exchanges and fusion.Courageously point out to this Liu's country, because the cross-straits separates over a long period of time, the cross-straits cultural development is the development path and characteristics with it respectively, cross-straits culture is to exist certain difference, but speaks objectively, its difference not big, and this difference can be cooperated with still just cross-straits cultural interaction in become and take mutually long repair short aspect.Liu Guo courageously means that for the past 20 years, the new balance 998 ukmainland spared no effort a ground of cultural interaction with cross-straits push and cooperation, under aggressive participation of the cross-straits people of different walks of life, the cross-straits cultural interaction cooperated to head for gradually multifarious and warm, the communicated layer gradually raises, the scale kept on extension, realm to continuously open widely.But on the other hand, we also see, although the cross-straits cultural interaction is many, present so a few weaknesses:On being a cross-straits cultural interaction to get behind with economic trade exchanges, Taiwanese authorities actively is on one's own initiative a main cause to the not enough cross-straits cultural interaction;Two is heavy cross-straits cultural market but lightly cross-straits cultural content construction, the depth of the cross-straits cultural interaction compare lack;Three is a cross-straits cultural interaction to present a shallow but loose characteristics, communicate to lack to keep on sex and machine

Make sex guarantee.Cross-straits cultural interaction and fusion are cross-strait relation peace to develop progress in of important one wreath, the cultural identity matters to approbation in the nation, push forward cross-straits peaceful reunification, the cross-straits has to deepen cultural interaction and cooperation further and actively promote cross-straits cultural fusion.For this, the cross-straits has a necessity to as early as possible sign cultural agreement and build up a cross-straits cultural interaction cooperation mechanism.(Taiwan net reporter, Li Jie, of China)the survey show 92% in Hong Kong to is visited a text member to have the physiology mental state the disease-medium new the new net in net gives or gets an electric shock to report according to Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao on November 8, Hong Kong civilian post and professional nike free 3.0 v5 running shoespersonnel head quarter survey discover, 24% is subjected to visit civilian post  member to work to reach to for 49 hours weekly or above, 92% interviewees at work pressure the bottom appear various physiology and mental healthy problem and include to suffer from insomnia, the spirit don't flap, worry anxiously, suppress Yu etc..The will suggest, the employer should share an economic achievement with employee, next year raise salary toward all employees 7-8%.Text particularly head quarter the period visited 555 members, civilian post and professional and suggested as a result to October in September, 30% near interviewees on the average super weekly work for 10 hours or above, 5% needs more weekly super work for 20 hours or above, 65% people all need to work over the weekend and even have 58%

The person worked while needing holidays.Survey as well points out that 53% interviewees think that he or she works to combine unbalance with of life, in the day labor at present, 65% interviewees called to once can not keep company with family because working was busy, influence thus and the family relate to, as well 77% people call to influence personal social life because working is busy.Particularly text head quarter suggests, under the economic growth, the employer should share an economic achievement with employee and raise salary toward all employees in 20157-8%, or issue cash award to the employee under the permissive condition.At the same time, the government has to establish to push standard man-hour quickly, explicit lawmaking timetable, make weekly and basic man-hour for 40 hours, 1.500% salary holidayses arenike free 5.0 sale super compensate, and promote flexibility and man-hour mechanism according to profession actual condition, and make the development policy of more beneficial double of jobs females.The diagram publishes effort star dream in the slum-win new country elephant teenager's friendly game in net Sino-Russian:Two Chinese studieses living with the chess member of association-medium the new net originally report Peking to give or get an electric shock(special correspondent white ambition mark) international Chin chess teenager's friendly game in the Sino-Russian ofwith the chess member of association to draw back a purdah in the Chinese chess, hospital today on November 7, this international Chin chess association in the Sino-Russian sponsors together of the game is two primary and junior high schools to living of of


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 all is real strenght slightly Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Loyalty and think troops the pressure in the beginning in quarter is still pretty big currently.Female in Fukien lines up to lead into foreign help, besides which, , female in Shanghai lines up, female row in Peking and female in Sichuan the row also have same alike raise Cuo, the total amount of foreign helps in new match quarter attains 8 people and hold with last match quarter even.Shanghai the female line up to lead go into of is a German female row the main force render assistance section Zu the He and Croatia female line up a lord to offend to fill Na ·You Xi Qi.Female in Peking lines up to then attract American female to line up a lord to offend Luo's guest lousy with Turkey female row render assistance to fill to reach, female in Sichuan lines up to also acquire Canada female the row render assistance a Pa space and Bulgarian female row for repair a lord to offend section Lai becoming number of of child.Well worth mentioning BE, this is the row league match of national female to hold foreign help comprehensive the level is the tallest, 8 member of team all took part in a life time of this year brocade match.Before now, had persistence a big female row to lead go into of the top-class ball star excels others as a crane among chickens, other clubs led go into of all is real strenght slightly lousy second-grade foreign help.Though the Lang is even to no longer teach a big nike free run 3 mensfemale of Heng to line up, but the new match quarter still has four Chinese before female row the commander-in-chief be unveiled, is Wang Bao Quan whom female in Tienjin lines up respectively, 81 female the Yu of the row feel quick, Jiangsu the female line up of Cai Bin and female in Fukien lines up of the beard enter.In addition, female in Shandong lines up from set up household a hero to administer, female in Shanghai lines up from He Jyong

Is in command, they all male in the nation line up a main force before aring well-known.Chinese female lines up at a life time brocade the match set a second prize outstanding score, 2 brigades are in the performance of Asian cup and Asian Games can the turn can order, the country characters contestant turns the performance of fighting the league match highly anticipated.The new match quarter national brigade main force is in the place brigade distribute very on the average, take part in 14 member of team and Asian Games brigade of a life time brocade match 12 contestants to come from 10 ball teams.Although the Wei leaves for beautiful treatment, Xu Yun Li and Yan Nuo etc. autumn month old will still need to see body condition to decide that the league match appears time, 85 empress medium living generation with 90 empress new generation the national representative have already taken part in a game to take a crossbeam in the troops in the place gradually, their performances directly influence the quality of result.Is above various, also let the structure and form of new match quarter hard nike free tr fit womensestimate, at least 6 troopses have the real strenght of battling out the champion, this lines up and wins female in champion Zhejiang to line up to the senior crack troop Tienjin female to say be not small challenge, and for the very first time unload the big female of the Heng of hurtling the hat burden lines up, will also greet an all new challenge in after Lang peacetime generation.This reports reporter's Yang Min Liu's country courageously:The cross-straits should actively facilitate as early as possible signing cultural agreement-win new net national Taiwan research will be blunt to hold in the Teng on the 7th1995-2015:Cross-strait relation review and outlook

Seminar, the graduate school researcher, Liu Guo, of Chinese college of social science, Taiwan is willing ascend to put forward, the cross-straits cultural identity matters to approbation in the nation, push forward cross-straits peaceful reunification, the cross-straits has to deepen cultural interaction and cooperation further and actively promote cross-straits cultural fusion.For this, the cross-straits has a necessity to as early as possible sign cultural agreement and build up a cross-straits cultural interaction cooperation mechanism.Liu Guo courageously points out that cross-straits culture together source, Taiwanese culture is a part of China culture.However, because Denghui Lee expects after governing and starts a cultural set is only activity, extension and new balance 580 menscross-straits cultural fusion cooperating to the cross-straits cultural interaction result in extremely disadvantageous influence.Educate aspect in culture, the authorities adoption of Denghui Lee is the most cruelty of a recruit BE, compulsorily carry out understanding Taiwan course to Taiwanese high school student in 1997, adopt separate a history view of so-calledunited at heart circle theory, carry on the brainwash type ofturn in China education to Taiwanese teenager.Meanwhile, Denghui Lee and Chen Shui Bian's authorities not only hamper a cross-straits cultural interaction, but also still make greatest efforts special andsuperiority of promoting Taiwanese culture and emphasize cross-straits culturaldifference.Particularly is the set is only person

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 pass to provide the express Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Service of the package.Easy wharf is absorbed in the packet of carrying to China to bind express delivery service, mainly service object for each greatly win a small scaled business enterprise and to buy sth. on behalf of sb. service store house and personal customer, worry about customer solved from Spain arrive the freight transportation of China, provide the most considerate service for large oversea Chinese people.Easy wharf uses the special line of Spanish postal service, at accept what you wrapped up to produce at the same time list number, so that the customer track the latest progress of wrapping up the conveyance online at any time.The post office owns one excellent team of paying, ability in order to have various different express deliveries to serve demanding customer to provide a professional opinion, pass to provide the express delivery of profession turn and standardize the logistics to serve, consumedly lower logistics cost for customer, create higher value to provide substantial assurance for nike free run 3 trainersbusiness enterprise.(100,000)the our countrynetwork ID card's developing experimental unit have already published 6,000,000-medium new net The Xinhua news agency Shanghai on November 7 give or get an electric shock in the near future, probably people can own one to be like residents' ID card so authority, unified, network ID card of the Pu adaptability, the identity attestation and personal privacy protection on the Internet will become more simple and more safe.The reporter is from public security official's department the third graduate school learn of and aim at

Network virtual society management, protection citizen's network safe and personal privacy etc. urgent need, offend a pass after five years' technique, our countrynetwork ID card technique of independent development, namely eID large-scale service technique hard nut to crack already drive entire number overrun, and start to build up the onlythe public security official's department citizen's network identity identifies system in the whole country.Just on the 16th Chinese international industrial exposition that Shanghai convenes, public security official's department the third graduate school displayed a network ID card(eID) technical application on the scene and drew on the vision of nike free 5.0 shoesnumerous who visit.The reporter sees, network ID card isn't to be like residents' ID card certificate like that, but the chip that carries in a bank card up.Although have a liking for go to with common bank card nothing important distinct, when the staff member will carry the bank card of network ID card to put to read in the card reader or the intelligence cellular phone back, don't need to hand in own name, address, telephone, and ID card number...etc. personal information online, can expediently carry on on-line shopping, the logistics condition also sees at a glance.According to public security official's department third information network in the graduate school safe public security official department point laboratory pair director the strict introduce clearly, the our country independence grinds

Network ID card(eID) technique of making adopted country airtight SM2 calculate way and passed a high strength safe mechanism, canning ensure could not be read, made duplicate, distorted or illegally use, thus ensure that the chip carries a body and it holder 11 rightness should.Currently, public security official's department the third graduate school have already extensively developed a network ID card(eID) technical application experimental unit in the our country.In 2012, issued about 30,000network ID card in the post and tele university of Peking, carry on the experimental unit of the network whole business process inside the campus.At bank system, adding the financial IC card of the industry and business bank of carrying the eID has already published 6,000,000 in the whole country experimental unit.The orchid west of Heilongjiang especially big shooting:The police predicts a suspect the case hair commit suicide on that day-win new net July 31, the Sui turns a city orchid west the county take place to greatly hold to kill nike free 3.0 v5 ukperson's case with gun especially together, case to 2 people die, one person get hurt.The suspect of the crime in spring rich case behind escape and hide.After case takes place, the public security official's department and Heilongjiang province and Sui turns a high value of related section of city and successively makes an important batch to show.Saved public security official's hall to immediately establish from Xing Zhen and pertaining to crime technique, skill Zhen and net Anne the total brigade constitute of the work set rush to leave for an orchid western county, along with the Sui turn a city police department to constitute a project set with all strength


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 the path is also important Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The meeting easily gives up economy to increase this core target;Is the benefits foundation that supports China and external economic relation stability to the common wishes of economic growth;Between China and exterior of the economic relation is more tended to complicated and many levels, many realms, mutual cost of the Che elbow then becomes higher and boost mutually of the income is also larger.After 2008 financial crisis in the world, China and the adjustment direction of external economic relation already gradual clear in meaning, can immediately cooperate sex, look for the economic benefits that can help China and exterior to increase together and strengthen a cooperation.Look for the outside turns of the path is also important.Its basic way of new balance 574 mensthinking is China to provide homologous support to the external economic growth, with this common development that arouses oneself and external nation.Some customary meanses are still effective, if continue to extend China and of the external nation the mutual import of the product and service, purpose is pass by China outward the dependence conversion of department market is dependence of exterior to China market, then form symmetry mutual dependence.Again if enlargement outward department, especially the investment of periphery nation , when the help Asian economy in the nation increases, also is advantageous to the economic benefits that enlarges China.Becausea take all the way

Is a big system engineering, involve realm many, many nation, the cooperation mechanism is more, is not likely to accomplish in one move in the short run, as a result, fighting forharvesting in early days is a took all the way construction of the key orders.In the process of constucting in, the arrangement of harvested in early days should at point nation, point realm and particularly cooperate mechanism arrangement up have to enhance, this since be advantageous to a take all the way proposal to contain concrete display, at the same time also be advantageous to deepening China and external economy relation.Here, the stage achievement designs and obtains to seem to be is importance.(Author's unit:Chinese college of social science Pacific Asia and strategic new balance 420 womensinstitute for research in the world, APEC and East Asia cooperate a sea the Silk Road research base in center)the expert think that the thing industry has power to take parking fee but majority of charge procedures violate the rules-win new net out-patient service problem:does the thing industry have power to take a parking fee toward the owner?The expert of the out-patient service:the Buddha mountain institute of science technology law in Guangdong province fasten an associate professor the pottery sun a life time China law firm in Peking lawyer, Zhang Xu, rather economic method Doctor Huang Wen Xi's expert's standpoint in University of Peking:◇the thing industry take the procedure of parking the car the fee illegal, can not get owner support naturally ◇small area parking the income should return all the owner is all ◇the government have

Closing the section should perfect small area parking the charges are related to stipulate ◇real estate administration management the section should enlarge to the strength for taking charge of of thing industry recently, the standpointthe small area thing industry has no business to take a parking fee with an article of tiny letter friend's turn, make the spirit of the car owners for of a flap.Peking some small area car owner, Ms. Wang, to reporter's reflection:small area the underground parking lot is what he or she spends 100,000 dollars to buy, but the thing industry still needs to take the management fee of 960 dollars annually, don't hand over not to let to stop into a nike lunarglide 6 menscar.Why to clearly own power of produce to still want to hand over a fee to the thing industry?Does the thing industry take if the parking fee is legal?To this, the this report reporter covered Buddha mountain institute of science technology law in Guangdong province to fasten the pottery sun of associate professor, a life time China law firm in Peking lawyer, Zhang Xu, rather, University of Peking economic method Doctor Huang Wen Xi.Does the thing industry take a parking fee to have a law basis toward the ownerwhether thing industry has power to take a parking fee to the owner, needs to investigate the property of parking fee.The property of small area parking fee contains 2 kinds, a kind of is a land to use a fee, a kind of is a management fee.Two kinds of charge basises of expenseses and charge corpus are different.Zhang Xu rather says that according to the rules of real right method Article 73, the road, grass and Mr. in the small area are used facilities and thing


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